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Sunday, March 22, 2015

✰ Harajuku Fashion shop ✰

Hello flowers 
Today I am going to talk about this shop called ''harajuku fashion'' So this shop sells awesome stuffs from super duper cute to super duper cool clothes/bags/shoes and accessories. So let me show you some stuffs they currently sell !

First we have this super cute bed sheet, if you love the color pink and pastel colors I'm sure you will love love this . 

3 Cute hoodies they look and super comfortable and they all pink and fluffy . 

Then I found bags, nice color and of course cute & the unicorn one seems pretty cool and soft, nice and fluffy. If you are a huge unicorn fan just like me this bag is perfect to show people how much you love pastel unicorns .

Harajuku fashion sells wigs too, this one looks like a nice dark brown soft wig with a hint of purple . Harajuku fashion sells pink and purple wigs too !

And then we have shoes,  died with cuteness overload ~ 

If you planning on buying something from harajuku fashion you can use my code ''mochamilk'' for 10% off when buying something from this lovely store
fashion store and harajuku fashion!

- amanda 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Klenspop Xie Brown and black circle lenses

Hello today I am going to review two pair of circle lenses sent from Klenspop.com!Klenspop were so kind so they sent me two pair of circle lenses named xie brown/black . So lets get started with the review . 

So for the shipping it took them 9 days to arrive so a little bit more than a week, so it was super duper fast shipping and I am really happy that the circle lenses cam so fast ~

Lens Info
Diameter: 14.0mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Disposable: 1 year

The circle lenses came in a box & were safely packed with bubble wrapped .

When you turn one of the packaging around you will find a circle lenses guide/manual if you haven't use circle lenses before & its written in English .  

each box contains a pair of circle lenses, contact case and a plastic tweezers .  

the circle lens package is super duper cute and here you can see how they look like from the backside and front  ^^

xie brown 0.00 power

xie black 0.00

Here you can see the black circle lens a close up how the design looks like, the brown one is exactly the same only that it is brown and not black  .

when removing the cap  to take out the lenses please use a tweezers and not you're hand because its sharp and you can cut yourself!  

this is how the circle lenses looks on my eyes~

For rating i give these circle lenses

COLOR  5/5 they so natural and pretty and the color is not too pigmented, so its good if you looking for circle lenses to wear daily.

DESIGN 5/5 the design is super duper pretty and natural 

COMFORT 5/5 they super comfortable to have in you're eyes! I wore these for school for about 8 hours and it didn't dry out my eyes a single bit.

  • color
  • design
  • comfortable
  • natural

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Friday, March 20, 2015

♡ milk club ♡

Hello dolls ♡ today I will talk about a super duper cute shop named " milk club " link .

So I recently found this shop and wow shop goals .  Milk club is a cute online store ( storenvy ) who sells asian clothes, makeup, beauty,shoes,bags and accessories !  You can find many clothes styles from dark to pastel colored & the price is not too price so that's good if you looking for high quality looking clothes but not too pricy .

so let me show you some cute products milk club sells ♡

how pretty ?  Just look at these amazing shirt (s) . They look so cute fluffy and I'm sure they super duper comfortable so wear. I personally loveeee the egg sweater more ♡♡

let's take a look at their bags 

Ahhhh how cute, look how unique and yet so simple design, well you will definitely have a unique style if you use these bags in a country where this kind of fashion isn't that populous as in asian ♡♡

And now for the shoes 

Love love this you will rock out with these shoes ♡♡

If you like what you see check their store out here ; milkclub.storevny.com 
And their instagram ; @milkyfinds 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Comfy lenses - 4VISION ''Review Brown'' from Klenspop

♡ Hello Darlings & Happy late new year~! (・ω・)

So today I'm going to do a circle lenses review and the circle lenses were sent from a wonderful shop named ''klenspop'' ( klenspop.com ) Klenspop were so so kind so they send me free pair of circle lenses to make a review, so thank you klenspop!

So these lenses is the ''review brown'' from a brand called 4VISION if I'm not wrong. 
So I was sooooo excited to try these circle lenses out because I , actually never tried any circle lenses from this brand before so I was super duper excited and well couldn't wait for the package to arrive.
This is a sponsored post but even that I'm always 100 % honest.

♡Hejsan & gott nytt år ~ ♡

Idag kommer jag göra en lins recension som linserna då var skickade från ett underbar webbshop med 
namnet ''klenspop'' , klenspop var så himla snälla så dem skickade ett gratis par så jag kunde göra en
recension, så tack så himla mycket klenspop!
Namnet på linserna är ''review brown'' och kommer från ett märke med namnet 4VISION, om jag nu
 inte har fel. Även om denna recensionen är sponsrad så skriver jag alltid vad jag tycker om dessa
 linserna till 100 %

♥ º ☆♥ º ☆♥ º ☆♥ º ☆♥ º ☆♥ º ☆♥ º ☆♥ º ☆♥ º ☆♥ º ☆♥ º ☆♥ º ☆♥ º ☆♥ 

So what is Klenspop.com? 

♡Klenspop is a online shop, who sells circle lenses from South Korean & sunglasses . Since they sell circle lenses from Korean, The local store are in South Korean & they circle lenses is so cheap, you can find a pair for about 10 USD and that's cheap plus the shipping is worldwide and their costumer service is amazing, 
Klenspop är en hemsida som du kan köpa linser & solglasögon från Korea, Linserna är sjukt billiga och du kan hitta ett par för 10 dollar vilket är så himla billig .

cutest circle lens store ever

♡Lens Info♡

Price: 13 USD

Brand: 4VISION

Diameter: 14.8mm

Water Content: 38%

Base Curve: 8.9mm

Life Span: 1 year (Max)
Country of origin: South Korea
Price Includes: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

Package - 

♡This is the package the circle lenses were in and no the circle lenses Klenpop.com sent me was selected as a ''gif'' so there is no need to pay tax & and the shipping took about 10 days which was faster than I though it would be.
Förpckningen med linserna var kryssat in i ''present'' hur ska man säga det ''delen'' så du behöver inte betala tull & det otg ca 10 dagar för linserna att komma hem till mig. 

Circle lenses package -  

♡Its a shade of light green & the text with the description thing is a white color, which is really simple but still manage to look cute without too much cuten essential overload  .
Förpackningen är en färg av ljus grön medans själva texten är en vit färg, vilket gör förpckningen gullig och enkelt.

Circle lenses -   

♡super cute & natural lenses, as you can see I got a free circle lens case to carry around which I think its really sweet of them to give out free cases . 
Super söta, som du ser fick jag ett gratis ''lins hållare'' för mina linser, och det tycker jag är väldigt snällt av dem att ge ut gratis lins-behållare

Front and back  
♡as you can see this is the back of the circle lens, and you can clearly see it because there is not so much pigment as the front one.
baksidan av linsen, du kan se att det är inte like mycket pigment som framsidan

♡this is the ''front'' and as I mention before you can clearly see that the color show up more here.
Som jag sade tidigare så kan du se mer färg på framsidan, här.

♡ This circle lenses has a dark brown color as the ''rim'' which makes this so much more natural unlike those with a black rim . I totally love this circle lenses because it looks so natural on my eyes but still they give my eyes a slightly ''pop''. Since I have dark eyes these lenses naturally blends into mine and the color & design looks very well on my eye color . 


Linserna har en mörk brun cirkel runt linsen, vilket gör så linserna ser mer naturligare än dem med svart kanter som Geo mimi's serier. Jag älskar hur dessa linser ser så naturliga ut på mina ögon fast ändå ger ett litet ''pop'' till ögonen. Eftersom mina ögon är naturliga mörka i färgen är dessa linser perfekt omm du har mörka ögon som mig.


♡ Klenspop also sent me a free ''lens tweezer '' I actually don't know what to call this hehe but its gentle too pick youre circle lenses with so that's a + for sending me this lens - pick up

On my eyes~
Color/Design 5/5
these circle lenses looks so natural but as I mention before they still has a pop.I actually though that this color wouldn't show up at first but then when I for the first time tried this lenses out, they were sooooo pigmented & I didn't expect that at all~! ☆ so I really do like that these lenses have that pigment in it . AnAnd for the design, I really like it, it's nothing unnatural, anime/big Dolly look, it's more of a natural design, which blends beautifully with you eye color and honestly I thing this would fit perfectly with any eye shade .
comfortable ; 5/5
wow, I had these lenses for school when I first tried it out & just wow they were so so comfortable and I actually felt like I had nothing in my eyes & I wore them for 7 hour straight without eye drops or anything like that and my eyes didn't feel dry at all ♡ . So it was really comfortable and I would love to try other circle lenses from this brand ♡

♡ do I recommend this circle lenses ? ♡
Yes I absolutely do if you want something comfortable & natural but still some sparkle and pop in you eyes without getting dry eyes and all that horrible things.
♡ you can find these lenses here -- klenspop.com the 4VISION review brown for only 13 $ ♡

♡ thank you for reading & have a nice blogger day~! ♡